The Workshop

This is the heart of our business. We're the only dedicated bike repair shop in Swansea, and with a fully equipped workshop we have the ability to repair or rebuild anything that comes through our door. There's no need to book, just call in with your bike. 

We work on mountain bikes, rigid or suspension, touring and road bikes, BMX, singlespeed and fixed gear and anything else you choose to bring to us.  Each bike is assessed on an individual basis which means you only pay for what actually needs fixing, servicing or upgrading.

Our prices are very competitive and we keep you informed of your bikes progress every step of the way. We offer a very quick turnaround because we don't want to store your bike, we want you to be out riding it.
We specialise in:-

Custom builds
Wheel building
Component upgrades
Assembly of Internet bought bikes.

We are agents for Mojo Suspension and TF Tuned Shox, which covers servicing of nearly all shocks and forks, with PUSH tuning also available. Just bring your bike in and we'll send the forks off to the experts in this field. Typical turnaround is 3-4 days, so we can have your fork back on your bike in no time. Call us for a quote.