Monday 30 May 2011

4x Euros

We spent Sunday afternoon at the 4x European round held at Bryn Bettws Lodge near Afan. The weather was quite poor and the track was very slippery but the racing was good. Have a look at for the results.
Here's some pics from Sundays racing

Thursday 26 May 2011

More From Pump Track Tuesday

As promised here some pictures from Tuesday evenings riding.

Rapt concetration ( or totally blown)

John(ny Cash) 

Nick without his "crying clown face"

Thanks to Gareth for the pics (very much appreciated), theres more on facebook (head to our facebook page for the link)

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Pump Track Tuesday !

For those who didn't know, the pump track is finished and open for riding ( there cant be many who didn't know though, there must have been 30 bmx'ers there last night). It's excellent and great exercise so get a bike (doesn't matter what bike) and get on it whatever age you are. Here's a (rather poor) video of the track from last nights riding. Hopefully the pics of an un-named rider crashing will appear later :)

Off to do some work now, got lots of second hand bikes to sort out for sale.

Friday 20 May 2011

Pump Track

The Pump Track has been completed and is looking really good BUT as it has only just been finished it needs a couple of days to settle before we can ride on it. I know a number of people have been using it already but can I please ask anyone who is planning on riding it to leave it a couple of days more.
I've been told that its best to leave it until after the weekend at least. I know its "there" and we all want to use it (no one more than me) but for it to last as long as possible we need to be patient and wait a couple of days. Thanks and keep an eye out for news of a future event involving the track.

Thursday 5 May 2011


Available to order now, Urge Helmets as seen here as worn by Julian (Poffley) , Fabien Barel and many others :)

We have an Evoc freeride pack in the shop if anyone wants to see one. I've been using one for a few months now and apart from being a really comfy well made backpack, it also has a CE certified back protector built in. You don't notice it when wearing it but you know its there "just in case". We wont be stocking a huge range but we will be able to order them if requested.

If your local and want to join up for a tuesday night ride, ring/email/call in for cuppa and find out where we are going (usually Kilvey or Clyne) and come along. Its usually a "play bike" evening with no rushing about or racing.