Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Christmas and New Year opening Hours 2019

Here we go again :) Christmas and New Year have snuck upon us.
We are closed a couple of days and open for short hours for a few, see below. I'd recommend phoning first if you have something important you want doing to both ensure we are open and that we have space to do so.

25th Christmas Day      CLOSED
26th Boxing Day          CLOSED
27th Friday                    CLOSED
  28 Saturday               11-4pm(ish)
29th Sunday                 CLOSED
30th Monday                  11-4pm
31st Tuesday                   10 til 1ish
then back to normalish hours

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our customers

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Swansea Skatepark

An application to replace the pathetic half pipe in West Cross has been submitted to the Swansea Planning Department.

Swansea desperately needs a proper concrete skatepark.  We are severely lacking in facilities compared to other places in Wales and the UK.

However we need you to show support for the project.  Please follow the blue portal link below and post a comment or just tick the "support" button to help us achieve the goal of a brilliant new skatepark which will be accessible to everyone. You don't have to live in Swansea to show your support.

Do it NOW!!!!!!

Maverick Skateparks is at Visit Swansea Bay, Mumbles and Gower.
🗳️ The Skate Park Mumbles planning application is now LIVE. Please take 5mins to go show some support for this project and post a comment on the portal here: bit.ly/2Q3gB7R