Monday, 27 May 2013

This Sunday....

....the sun was shining, so we did this

Enjoy your Bank Holiday

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Bikefest Shaped Rambling

Hmmm, do I celebrate or not?  Paul (the Bikefest guru) called me to confirm our entries to the 12 hour team race on Saturday the 8th June. So just gotta get on with it (I've rehearsed the excuses and hidden some cable cutters in my backpack).

To keep us entertained in the meantime here's some vids (we could make it a regular thing but I'm not that organised )
Bit of a shame that youtube muted the music (they've not done that before), I'll change the music some time but until then whistle your favourite tune or clap along for two minutes.

If you like longboards then you should love these  , have a look over at HAMBOARDS

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Sunday Riding Update

We've not written much about riding of late. We have been out but not to anywhere out of the ordinary, we've visited the usual places, Afan, Brechfa, Kilvey Hill and Clyne Woods.

But this weeked is a bit different as we are off to the Forest Of Dean to ride the DH trails there. We have been before but this time we are taking the easy way up by using the uplift facility operated by
FlyUp Downhill

We've got the camera's charged and set up ready to go so look out for a series of jumpy, shakey and generally low budget videos.