Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Lights back in stock

We've just had delivery of 10 sets of head or bar mounted LED rechargeable lights.
Great for riding off road or just for commuting (the cars will definitely see you as they are approximately  930 lumens.)
The run time is about 3 hours on high beam, 4-5 hours on low,  and charger and fittings are supplied.
All for a great price of £50 per set.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Nicks Birthday

I'm sure most of Swansea would have guessed that Nick turned 40 this week seeing as the celebrations started on Saturday and lasted all weekend. 
Of course there was cake. Firstly the "shit its Nicks birthday" version that Chris cobbled together (don't give up your day job Chris!)

Followed by the amazing official family version complete with spd pedal and bike hub logo. 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Red Bull Coming to Swansea

Get your cowbells out, the Red Bull sponsored Downforce urban downhill race is coming to Swansea on December the 4th. Gee Atherton will be there to test the course. All the details are HERE
It's going to be a great day out to watch some great racing so come along and lend your support.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

This week's video :)

Here's the video from this weeks Night Ride  longboarding

Apologies for the poor quality (of the film and the skating) it was shot on my camera phone. Gareth (or "swivel hips") was riding his home built drop through, Stewart and Myself on Lush Kisiwa's, Dan on a shortboard with buttons for wheels and Nick on his hybrid narrow deck with rollerblade wheels.
Gareth's board was super quick turning whilst the Kisiwa's were like oil tankers, Nicks rollerblade wheels made for crazy narrow tracking quick runner that slid whenever it wanted to. We enjoyed it though and will be back for more once we find a longer, wider and well lit slope to use (let us know if you can recommend somewhere).
It made a nice change from night riding but rest assured we will be back on the bikes on the weekend.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Cwm Rhaeadr

With the promise of good weather we set off for Cwm Rhaeadr near Llandovery. It's a short but fantastic trail with great flow and some stunning views from the top. Someone suggested we do four laps (I'm sure it was Gareth) but we only managed three and a half.

We also had the GoPro HD960 with us on the chest mount (now available for hire, give us a ring for details). We've created a short montage of the days riding.

We'll definitely be back for more, its easily one of the best man made descents in South Wales

Follow this link HERE for some info about the trail.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Green Oil Chain Lube

We are now purveyors of Green Oil, the original award winning green chain lube. Green Oil is a 'wet lube', suitable for all riding conditions, rain or shine. Its accolades include The Ecologist Magazine's 'Pick of the Month', Green Oil is also winner of What Mountain Bike's Gold Award.

They are a UK company and they don't use petrochemicals or teflon in their ingredients, its all natural with a small ecological footprint.