Sunday, 26 June 2011

South Wales Bike Ride 2011 and Other News

Next weekend is the South Wales Bike Ride (formerly the Gower Bike Ride).
There's more info HERE . There's three routes this year with a longer 50 mile one for the more ambitious/fitter amongst you. The bike ride has now been postponed until 18th September.

There's no more news regarding Moo's and Clyne as of yet but keep an eye on the Moo's blog MOO'S BLOG

Good news though, Exist Skatepark is now open, BMX's are in on Tuesday and Friday, check the website EXIST SKATE PARK we're hoping to go soon.

Thats it for today, off up Kilvey Hill for a ride this afternoon.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Moos and Clyne Trails

It seems that the NIMBY's have put pressure on the council and we are now facing a situation where the jumps at Moos and Clyne are closed pending planning permission.

Have a look at the Moo's blog for up to date news and join the Facebook group. If you have any photos or videos from the Clyne jump spot from more than 5 years ago then please get in touch with Dan from the Moos blog.

We need to get support for this so go ask all your friends, relatives and workmates. Lets not lose a superb facility.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Clyne Valley MTB Trails

The MTB trails that are being built have now entered the planning stage and i'm sorry to say that some people have raised some objections. I'd like to think that if your reading this then your in favour of more cycling facilities (of all kinds) in and around Swansea. Can you take a moment to email your support to

and quote planning application 2011/0566

We need as many people as possible to email in with their support (even if you write the email for them).
It has the potential to be a superb asset to the City.
You may want to mention some of the following :-
* will encourage tourism to the area
* positive involvment of local community
* positive effects on local youth
* sustainability of trails
* the consideration of other users in the overall plan - walkers & equestrians
* considerations of environmentally sesitive areas

Lets get behind this as cyclists, not just mountain bikers, road riders or bmx'ers. If we band together on this then we can become more vocal about other facilities and events that we would like (and need) in the future.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

What could this be?

Massive queues at the shop this morning after the bank holiday?
No it wasn't :)  this was the beginnings of the crowd that gathered to see the bus carrying the  promotion winning Swansea City team. The atmosphere was fantastic, thousands lined the route to welcome the Swans home. Luckily nobody dropped the cup off the front of the bus.