Tuesday 25 December 2018

Merry Christmas all

our opening ours over Christmas are :-

Christmas Day  CLOSED
(yep we are not there)

Boxing Day (turkey sandwich day) CLOSED
(too busy stuffing leftovers in)

Thursday 27th CLOSED
(too busy recovering from the left overs)

Friday 28th 10ish til about 4ish
(depending on the weather and how much exercise we need)

Saturday 29th 10ish til 4-5ish

Sunday 30th  CLOSED
(its Sunday we are always shut)

Monday 31st Open but from 10 til we've had a take away from somewhere
(we have a small keg of squirrel beer as well)

New Years Day CLOSED
(hangovers etc)

Wednesday 2nd Jan 2019 9ish til 5.30

Then we are all back to normal(ish)

Saturday 18 August 2018

Shop Dogs

Both shop dogs were in residence the other day. Dogs are always welcome at the shop 🐶

Saturday 17 March 2018



(Thanks Virgin- although If you hadn't have broken it in the first place eh?)

Thanks for your patience

Image result for broken telephone
a broken phone earlier :)