Saturday, 19 February 2011

Catch Up

There have been comments about the lack of blog posts. We're really sorry but we've been busy busy busy at the shop. There have been lots of very nice bikes brought in for us to fix :)

We do have some fresh stock in the second hand bike department, with a few more to add when they're ready to sell. There's a couple of clicky links to the right so you don't have to scroll through the blog to find the relevant post.

We've also been opening accounts with new suppliers left, right and centre, so we can now offer a huge range of parts to order.

We are agents for Mojo Suspension and TF Tuned Shox, which covers servicing of nearly all shocks and forks, with PUSH tuning also available. Just bring your bike in and we'll send the forks off to the experts. Typical turnaround is 48 hours, so we can have your fork back on your bike in no time. Call us for a quote.

The ride tomorrow is up Afan with the boys. Going to play on the final descent of The Wall :)

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