Wednesday, 16 November 2011

This week's video :)

Here's the video from this weeks Night Ride  longboarding

Apologies for the poor quality (of the film and the skating) it was shot on my camera phone. Gareth (or "swivel hips") was riding his home built drop through, Stewart and Myself on Lush Kisiwa's, Dan on a shortboard with buttons for wheels and Nick on his hybrid narrow deck with rollerblade wheels.
Gareth's board was super quick turning whilst the Kisiwa's were like oil tankers, Nicks rollerblade wheels made for crazy narrow tracking quick runner that slid whenever it wanted to. We enjoyed it though and will be back for more once we find a longer, wider and well lit slope to use (let us know if you can recommend somewhere).
It made a nice change from night riding but rest assured we will be back on the bikes on the weekend.

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