Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Ride 2013

Arrrrr, There be Dragons!

Errr, no thats just Chris in his onesie

Our annual Christmas ride was to the uplift in the Forest of Dean.  The weather was a bit iffy but we had a great time. There were 16 of us this year and the majority made a great effort to join in the theme of "onesie wearing"

We had some strange looks from other riders in the car park but nothing new there!

The Bike Hub Rabble. Left to Right - Minty(Rudolf), Dave(Giraffe), Nick(Rudolf),
Jamie(Dinosaur), Mike(Elf/Robin), Chris(Dragon), Stewart(Gorilla)
By the time we had finished for the day we were a bit muddy as you can see from the photo below

Left to Right
Mike, Jamie, Stewart, Minty, Chris, Gwyn, Dave, Rob, Julian, Jamie, Nick and Rhod

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