Tuesday 25 February 2014

Night Riding, Racing and Falling Off

We finally had our first night ride of 2014 tonight.  What with other riding we haven't really been out after dark. 

Kilvey was surprisingly dry(ish) and all the trails are clear of fallen trees (after some sterling work by Julian to clear them over the weekend).  No pictures, but it was a great ride.

The falling off was at Ramps in Llanelli (always remember wet tyres on wood are not a good idea) two weeks before we were due to race at the Mini DH in the Forest of Dean on the 26th of January.  Although shoulder and ribs were hurting I still went for our first race with mate Jamie.  Jamie was in Seniors (he's only 26) whilst I was in Veterans (over 40's).

After two runs the fastest one counted, I finished 14th (out of 30 competitors) in the Vets category despite a crash on my second run, Jamie finished 61rd (out of 93) in a very competitive senior class.

Race results and photos from ROOTS AND RAIN

Mini Downhill racing entry and info from MINI DH

There's loads of different types of racing, from BMX to Cyclocross and everything in between, have a look on the British Cycling Website for dates and more details.

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