Wednesday 24 August 2016

VOLT Electric Bikes

We are proud to be the local dealer of VOLT electric bikes in Swansea. VOLT have an amazing range of bikes to suit every cyclist and we keep a few of the most popular in stock so you can come and test ride a bike before buying from their website.  Your chosen bike is then delivered to our shop where we build it up ready for you to ride away.

All VOLT bikes come with a 2 year warranty and all electrical and technological components are maintenance free, which means you can bring your bike to us for servicing just like any other bike.

The Kensington step through was recently featured in the latest promotional video from the famous Joes Ice Cream Parlour (which is only a few doors down from our shop!) so check out the video to see the bike in action, and you can enter their competition to win a lifetimes supply of Joes Ice Cream! Don't forget us if you do :)

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