Monday, 9 August 2021

Go sign this petition. In a year where the rich and influential have denied the upgrading of the existing open air seafront facility, we are now in a situation where the council are denying change of use to an indoor skate/BMX/scooter facility. It's an empty unit on an industrial estate, better it has something inside that benefits the community for their mental and physical heath. Perhaps if it were a wine bar or another car sales then it wouldn't be a problem.

In the past month at the Olympic games, we have won 5 medals in BMX and skateboarding, British Cycling have announced new plans and funding for BMX freestyle. Yet our council are prepared to deny us a facility that could be open within a fortnight. We have an Olympic squad member born and living in Swansea but he has to travel to Cardiff and further afield to train.

Surely the second city of Wales would like to compete with our capital for facilities or are we once again to fall short (literally in the case of our "national pool") . What will it take for the so called leader of the council to intervene? There's a long history of this council and the so called leaders only seeming to do what's best for them and their cronies. For once can they try and do best for the community as a whole? Do I have to take up golf so I can rub shoulders with people of influence? Is freemasonry the way forward? I implore the people who supposedly care for our communities and those who care for our physical and mental health, share this, sign this petition. Lobby your councillor,MP and AM, get your voice heard. Welsh Labour Swansea Council Tonia Antoniazzi MP Welsh Assembly The Labour Party

Photo credit: BBC News

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